Exercise is Great… But How do You Start?

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Exercise is Great… But How do You Start?

We here at Cardio High are dedicated to making the first steps to getting into awesome shape easy for you. We train clients to go at their own pace. We also help clients set reasonable goals that are connected to functional fitness, so getting through the tasks of the day will feel easier on the body.

And while we are happy to talk to you about all of this, this new interactive article from the NY Times is a good piece to review to help you get off the couch and to start exercising.

One key is to select an overall objective. Exercise helps people; lose weight, feel better, live longer, improve body composition, boost brain health, and help digestion. These are broad goals to help take the first step. Once you start exercising – it helps to have a very specific, concrete goal like losing a realistic amount of weight or completing a road race.

Most people believe they don’t have time to exercise. Take a look at your calendar and find times when you can get an hour or two each week. If you really can’t find a couple of free hours, there are micro workouts that will help improve your health. If you can find 15 minutes every other day to do a 5 minute warm-up, 5-8 minutes of vigorous exercise and then 2 minutes to cool down, you feel much better. For vigorous exercise we recommend a combination of cardio like going up and down stairs with functional strength like a push-up or squat/squat hops. You can also use these micro workouts – if you miss a day at the gym.

The NY Times article also provides some technology tips that can help you. And they offer different regimens that will make starting a little easier.

And, once again, we can run you through the initial plunge. We’re experts at showing how high intensity training can be done by anyone, with a low risk of injury, and fun and entertaining.

Read the article and then feel free to e-mail info@markg250.sg-host.com for a free trial class.

-Shane M.