Is Fear of Injury Keeping You Out of the Gym?

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Is Fear of Injury Keeping You Out of the Gym?

There are many reasons why we stop going to the gym or don’t push ourselves like we should, but a major one is because some of us are worried about getting hurt.

And, of course, this is ironic because exercise can actually be one of the most efficient ways to make sure that you’re strong and healthy and won’t wind up with another injury. That is also the same for those who may have weight-induced diabetes, heart conditions or other pains — they get antsy about putting themselves in harm’s way, but not getting exercise leads to them being weaker and even more prone to injury later on.

It turns out that people imagine a multitude of problems that may result from a visit to the gym. Some may fear a torn ligament while others are afraid of trouble with their tickers. And – there may be others who just like the excuse of fear of exercise as their reason for skipping the gym today.

This fear can be a major issue, according to this article:

…exercise fears can also become a self-fulfilling prophecy: If you’re stressed about your workout, you’re more likely to experience increased muscle tension and mental distraction, which can make you more prone to injury.

Getting over this hump can be difficult, but it can also change you from being something who worries on the couch to someone who feels almost invincible after a high-intensity workout.

And, here at Cardio High, our focus is to get you an intense workout while minimizing injury. So if you need some reassurance that you can get a good sweat without winding up at the doctor, we are the people to come visit.

-Shane M.