Do You Have Fitbit Rash?

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Do You Have Fitbit Rash?

Fitbit is no stranger to rashes.

The company recently faced a class action lawsuit for their Fitbit Force after recalling a million of them last year because they were irritating some people’s skin.

Well oops, they did it again. Or at least that is what some consumers are complaining about, and they have the photos to back it up. Check this Business Insider article to see some rashy wrists that people have been posting, accusing the Fitbit Surge (which is their most expensive product at $250 a piece) of causing them. You can also see the entirety of Fitbit’s response to this new issue. But here are some of the choice bits:

According to our consulting dermatologists, they are likely from wearing the band too tight; sweat, water, or soap being held against the skin under the device; or from pressure or friction against the skin and should resolve quickly when users take a break from the device, usually within hours or days.

We are encouraging anyone wearing an activity tracking wristband, regardless of the brand, to follow four key elements for maximum enjoyment: keep it clean, keep it dry, don’t wear it too tight, and give your wrist a break.

We have developed guidelines for our products with our team of dermatologists to educate the public on how they should wear and care for their device and keep their skin happy. These guidelines are available at

We’re not sure if these consumers are not following proper Fitbit protocol or that there is still something going on with the devices and their abilities to cause a rash. Either way, we are sure the PR team over at Fitbit right now are canceling their weekend workouts and trying to figure out what to do.