Gizmodo Looks at All the Fitness Trackers — All of Them

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Gizmodo Looks at All the Fitness Trackers — All of Them

Basis Peak Watch

Okay, maybe this Gizmodo article is missing a few of the technological ways to measure your physical activity, but it looks pretty comprehensive to us. We counted 43 trackers on their list, which ranks the top out of six categories, with mini-blurbs about the rest. Obviously, we’re not going to just cut and paste everything they say, because they went to a lot of work, but we will list some of the highlights… and low points:

Basis Peak - This wins the whole enchilada for Gizmodo. They claim it is the most advanced, one of the best looking and takes care of nearly all you would want without needing to be prompted. It also works for both Apple and Android and there are a bevy of new features on the way. $200 for this thing, but if you want the best, you pay for the best.

Up Move by Jawbone

Up Move by Jawbone

Jawbone Up Move – It seems that this is recommended especially for the Up app that coincides with this tiny, 50 Up Move by Jawbonedollar tracker that logs your steps. While the little doohickey doesn’t do much more, the app itself is apparently easy to understand, allows for more complex configurations, including food intake, and is all around, “the best fitness tracker app [they’ve] tried.”

Polar M400

Polar M400 Watch

Polar M400 - As far as the best watch for the price, this won the gold star for its GPS accuracy, its consistent tracking of your daily activities, its battery life and it’s price at $180. (Ed note; Cardio High uses the Polar system in our gym, so our monitors work with the M400. They are the leaders in heart rate monitor technology.)



Apple Watch - Will this be the thing that changes the whole fitness tracker industry? We’ll know soon, so stay tuned.

Spire – This thing doesn’t exist yet, and it seems as though it’s more to keep your stress levels down rather than getting in a good workout, but it looks real pretty and just won a prestigious design award.


Nike – The company gets a hat tip for being a pioneer in fitness tracking before the unfortunate news that all these products are terrible.

Striiv – There were three of these on the list and all three got F’s. We suggest skipping out on this brand for right now.

Withings Activité – It is a classic, non-digital watch that can tell you how much you walk and how much you sleep. Gizmodo loved it the look but hated the price: $450. Remember, getting fit doesn’t always have to look classy.