Guzzling 8 Glasses a Day

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Guzzling 8 Glasses a Day


(Or How We Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Drinking Water)

Screen shot 2013-10-23 at 9.25.08 AMSince the 1940s the American health establishment has recommended 8 glasses of water each day. The National Academy of Sport Medicine, NASM, ups the liquid intake requirement recommending that men drink 3 liters (99 ounces) and women drink 2.2 liters (72 ounces) each day. That’s quite a bit of water – assuming we also consume other liquids like coffee, juice, wheatgrass shakes or soda. Increasing water intake is also a good way to feel full when trying to lose weight. Here’s a few tips on increasing daily water intake:

1. Keep a bottle at your desk and give your hands something to do all day that isn’t snarfing peanut M&Ms from the communal candy bowl.

2. Add a little lemonade or favorite juice to your water and skip all those pre-flavored creations on the shelves. 90/10 water/juice is a good ratio.

3. Down a glass of water before every meal. It’ll fill your stomach and cut down on the urge to consume that extra portion.

4. Don’t think you have to buy a pallet of disposable water bottles to fill your daily quota. Pick up a cheap reusable bottle and buy a water filter. Brita offers a good inexpensive solution.