Are You Healthy? Still Pay Attention to Symptoms…

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Are You Healthy? Still Pay Attention to Symptoms…

Every now and then we hear a tale about someone who is incredibly fit, eats well – and then has a heart attack out of the blue. Even if you lead a healthy lifestyle it is worth seeing your doc once a year and paying attention to any symptoms that something might not be right.

This link is a personal tale from the NY Times, and it is worth paying attention to the warnings of the author, who points out has some good general health advice. Here’s the quick bullet points:

1. Don’t assume that your coronary arteries are in great shape because your “numbers” are good, you’re taking the prescribed medications to keep them that way, you’re trim and athletic and you live a mostly heart-healthy life.

2. Don’t ignore or dismiss potential symptoms of coronary distress by assuming that muscle soreness, unusual stress or heartburn is the cause.

3. Should it turn out that you need open-heart surgery to fix the hidden damage, be sure to pick a top-notch surgeon who uses the most effective, up-to-date techniques and operates at a hospital with an excellent coronary care unit.

Now, let’s hope that #3 is never something you have to worry about, but the first two give us chances to avoid it.

What the article is trying to make clear is that being healthy is crucial for a longer life, but it is not a guarantee. Sometimes our bodies can just have things go wrong, especially when it comes to our hearts.

So even if you consider yourself healthy and doing all the right things, if you are feeling discomfort or other physical maladies don’t just assume the best. Instead keep eating right, getting exercise and go see a trusted physician. Like with many things involving your health, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

-Shane M.