Here’s Why the Age of Cramps May be Over

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Here’s Why the Age of Cramps May be Over

First of all, let’s get over some commonly known facts that are, in fact, untrue: Neither heat nor dehydration lead to cramps. We know — you have been told for years that too little water will cause muscles to spasm with painful cramps. But there may be a new, effective approach to solving the cramp issue.

So what is actually behind it? Well, according to some people, including the impressive minds behind the business Flex Pharma, it’s motor nerves in muscles. And Flex Pharma thinks they can keep these nerves from contributing to cramps.

A Nobel prize winner and a Harvard neurobiologist are those minds who found a way to treat muscle cramps using the same idea as drinking pickle juice or eating mustard. These foods contain certain activators that calm the nerves in the muscles. And it’s a spicy, pungent gross supplement that will supposedly help stave off cramps for five hours.

Does it really work, though? Well, there is no peer-reviewed studies on it yet, but they are coming, and we have to admit we’re impressed by the pedigree of the inventors. They have also raised over $80 million bucks from people who believe in the product.

But you’ll have to wait until early next year to try it yourself. Would you drink a nasty tasting beverage or munch a mustardy snack to keep cramps away?