High Intensity… On Ice?

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High Intensity… On Ice?

We support new and exciting ways to get a good workout, especially one that utilizes high-intensity moves, but this British approach, called Rebel Ice, leaves us feeling a little… cold.

Yes, the entire session HIIT session takes place on an ice rink. And this is not just puttering around the ice — it is truly intense. “The class combines cardio and strength moves,” this article says,” attendees can expect a workout full of high knees, burpees, squats and lap runs on the ice rink. It works your glutes and quads, as well as your core.”

The sessions are only twenty minutes, so you won’t have to be out there too long, and this doesn’t require skates. But even then we feel this does nothing beyond adding a novelty to what should already be a memorable and solid workout.

From our perspective, while this will supposedly increase flexibility, it’s a little too risky. One big benefit of high-intensity exercise is that it helps prevent injury, and we feel this has a trip to the emergency room written all over it.