HILIT in Newton MA

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HILIT in Newton MA

HILIT is now becoming a thing, and guess what? HILIT has been available in Newton for five years over at Cardio High. Ahem.

HILIT stands for High Intensity Low Impact Training. While we can claim to be one of the first boutique gyms to offer HILIT, our form and philosophy seem to be a little different than the buzzy workouts that are getting some ink around the concept.

This recent article focuses on a few boutiques and workouts that offer HILIT. Their focus is on reducing jumping and running, basically assuming that any landing is high impact. But several of these places use rowers to raise heart rates to create that glorious high intensity workout.

Cardio High opted not to include rowing machines in our programming because our PT consultants claimed a good percentage of their injured clients came to them from overdoing it on rowers. Other boutiques employ an intense form of Pilates to create a HILIT workout. While we would agree that Pilates is an amazing core workout, we have yet to come across one that raises the heart rate above 70% of HR Max.

Can a boutique like Cardio High claim to be HILIT if we include jumping and running? Well, here’s our case.

We do teach clients proper cat-like landing techniques when they jump off the ground, and we never ask them to jump off a box or step. We also coach clients to run with less impact on our Woodway Curve treadmills. We ask for quiet landings vs. a loud thud landing. Jumping and running are natural movements and when done correctly carry minimal injury risk. AND we always offer zero impact versions of all of our movements so non-jumpers can do movements without leaving the safety of the ground. We even have fan bikes for non-runners.

We are hoping that HILIT becomes the next big trend because while we’ve been doing this for a while, we plan to continue doing it for a lot longer.

Discover HILIT in Newton at Cardio High.