How Healthy is Your City?

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How Healthy is Your City?

When it comes to exercise, Boulder in Colorado is where you can expect to see the most people getting exercise in the country, according to this new study released by Gallup and Sharecare.

We won’t get into the nitty gritty of how this was all hashed out, but regardless it seems to be terrible news for Ohio. That state has the most areas in the bottom of the list, where less than 50% of the population is getting three or more days of exercise per week.

So where does your area rank? You can check right here. The Boston-Cambridge-Newton area has about 52% of the population exercising 3+ times a week, but that is not good enough to even crack the top 100.

Now. Newton was ranked as a top 15 healthy city in the U.S. by Women’s Health. Here’s their profile.

So if you are keeping your community from being in the top 100 or top 20, it may be time to do your civic duty and start sweating.

-Shane M.