How Intense Can You Get with One Arm?

Exploring Intensity

How Intense Can You Get with One Arm? one-armed diabetic with scoliosis and a lung that’s half normal size may sound like the set-up for a bad joke, but it’s actually a description of America’s most inspirational crossfitter.

At 20 years old, Luke Ericson has competed in three Crossfit competitions, one of which he won an award. And while the award was in the category of “Male Adaptive” which allowed all to compete, he is no slouch, able to pull off a 245 lb. deadlift with just one arm.

The article doesn’t have much going for it except to say that Ericson can do a nice deadlift along with a 225 lb. back-squat, and a little interview with him; but we really get our inspiration not from hearing what he has to say, but seeing what he can do. So go check out his full Youtube channel, and he has successfully funded a Kickstarter for a mini-doc that you can view here.