Is Drinking Water Overrated?

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Is Drinking Water Overrated?

As we previously noted, a long-held belief is that one key to living healthy is drinking roughly 3 liters of water every day.
Water-Pitcher-247x300 But Dr. Heinz Valtin of Dartmouth Medical School questioned this recommendation, and after researching its origins he discovered that there’s no scientific study showing a health benefit to drinking this much water. We actually get most of the water we need from the food we eat. And other beverages, even coffee and tea, help keep the body hydrated.

Dr. Valtin and other medical experts advise people use thirst as a guide on how much water to drink. They also note that a person can drink TOO much water causing hyponatremia which is too little sodium in the blood. There are even documented cases of people dying from a water overdose.

The Cardio High view:

1. Hydrate before, during and after an intense workout.

2. Don’t ignore your thirst.

3. Drink water instead of sugary sodas and sports drinks.

4. Use water throughout the day as a replacement for constant snacking if you’re trying to lose weight.