Is Pokemon Go Actually Good Exercise?

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Is Pokemon Go Actually Good Exercise?

If you haven’t heard of Pokemon Go yet, we’re not sure where you’ve been hanging out. The “augmented reality” mobile app game has become all the rage, with people wandering around, trying to catch each and every creature that exists in their city.

But we wondered – does playing the game count as exercise?

This Vox article pretty much sets us straight here. Yes, people have been reporting that the need to get out and walk around to catch these Pokemon has actually made them walk around. And yes, many of the people who usually aren’t getting exercise from their favorite past time, gaming, are now out and about looking for Pikachu and Squirtle. And even some early fitness tracker data is pointing to an increase in movement.

But, as the article also points out, this is just one game. Yes, it’s incredibly popular today, but we can’t just pack all of our exercise into a week or two and expect to be fit until the next cool game comes out that makes us walk.

Try playing it, or tag along with your kids while they play it. Of course the biggest downside is that Pokemon Go is already being cited as a dangerous distraction by multiple outlets, so maybe just make sure that you are both getting a nice walk — and watch where you’re going.

-Shane M.