Is the Werewolf Diet the Stupidest Diet of All Time?

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Is the Werewolf Diet the Stupidest Diet of All Time?

werewolf moonWe admit that it is almost impossible to really determine the most insane diet that has ever existed, as there have been times where tapeworms and heavy smoking were prescribed as weight loss wonders. But the Werewolf Diet is up there when it comes to getting so many disciplines of science so insanely wrong.

Also known as the Lunar Diet, there are reportedly celebrities who have bought into the idea, especially as it purports to work magic: Up to six pounds can be lost in 24 hours. And all you have to do is go on a water and juice fast during the full and new moons. Because, and this is where it really starts going off the rails, the moon’s gravitational pull will draw out the water in your body and “detoxify” you while getting rid of that excess weight.

But, according to at least one “expert,” you have to make sure that you start this fast on the exact moment of the moon’s phase or else… we’re not sure. We’re actually not sure how gravity pulls water out of you either, even if gravity could pull water out of you, which of course it cannot.

We could pick this apart a lot more severely but it almost seems like trying to attack it from a medical (or even astronomical) standpoint is to only make it seem like there is maybe some valid reasoning behind it whatsoever. So just be warned if you hear anyone raving about this — the efficacy of the Werewolf Diet is about as nonexistent as the monster it’s named after.