How to Keep the New Year’s Workouts Going

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How to Keep the New Year’s Workouts Going

If you are still trying to keep your new year’s resolution of healthier living going, then we definitely recommend checking out this article.

We won’t step on it too much, but we will give you the quick and dirty tips in case you find yourself wavering or you want to start, even a little bit late. These tips are from Dr. Jordan Metzl, a doctor of sports medicine, and here are the five words to remember:

Friends– Find people you know who can hit the gym with you and who can push you when you need them to.

Fun– You are not going to stick with this if you’re having a miserable time. Don’t find the exercise that is going to make you healthy and thin the quickest, but rather find the one that you want to keep doing every week.

Incentives– Reward yourself as you hit milestones. This will help you remain focused on accomplishing a goal because you know something good comes at the end.

Goals– And speaking of goals, give yourself a time-sensitive goal. Instead of just saying that you want to lose 8 pounds. Create a timeline with smaller goals along the way. This will keep you on task and allow you to really measure your success rate.

Move– Moving as much as you can is the only way to actually be a healthier, happier person in 2018. So no matter the time or place, find ways to get out of the chair or off the couch in 2018.

-Shane M.