Do You Know these 10 Exercise Myths?

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Do You Know these 10 Exercise Myths?

Lifehacker did a brief video that covers 10 exercise myths.


No time to watch? Here’s a brief look at all ten:

1. Treadmills are easier on your kneesmachine
Overstriding and a bouncier stride make treadmills as hard on the knees as running outside.

2. Change your running shoes every six months 
There are many variables to determine when to change your running shoes, but six months is probably too soon — wait until the lining of the shoes begins to wear down.

3. Stretch before a workout to prevent injury
Static stretching before working out or running does not decrease the chance of injury and actually makes your muscles weaker.

4. If you don’t sweat, you didn’t get a workout
You don’t have to sweat to know that you’re working hard.

5. When you work out, you sweat out toxins
You do not sweat out toxins; at most 1%.

6. Fitness machines are reliable when it comes to calories burned
Calorie counters on fitness machines aren’t really doing a good job at all counting how many calories you’re burning.

7. Sit-ups give you a six pack
Sit-ups can’t give you a six pack, though a good diet and cardio as well will probably help.neil

8. Cardio is the best way to lose weight
Cardio and strength training combined will do a better job losing weight than extra cardio alone.

9. Your max heart rate is 220 minus your age
220 minus your age is definitely not the most accurate way to get your maximum heart rate, though it is better than anything you can do without a doctor’s help.

10. Without pain, there is no gain
You can get a great, demanding, intense workout just fine without being in pain.