Do You Know How to Fight All 59 Different Kinds of Obesity?

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Do You Know How to Fight All 59 Different Kinds of Obesity?

An extensive NY Times article takes on the common story of which diet is best and concludes something that may surprise you: they all work.

So what is the catch? They don’t work for everyone.

Of course you probably saw that coming because of how many diets you’ve tried through the years that just haven’t cut it. You may have a neighbor who got rid of carbs and watched the pounds melt away, or you might know a cousin who started carbo-loading and somehow went down three pant sizes. When that happens, you can get frustrated and feel like you’re just not doing something right. But according to many experts in the nutrition studies field, there is a perfect diet out there for you — you just haven’t found it yet.

One doctor has uncovered what he says are 59 different kinds of obesity. This is more or less all based on individual genetics and how our bodies process food and react to calories. Other factors include diseases or certain drugs that impact weight gain. So the magic diet for one person may have no impact for others. And researchers have discovered that some diets will work, sometimes for years – and then just stop working – even if the people on the diet change nothing.

Researchers are getting closer to understanding why we gain and lose weight, but there is still a ton of mystery surrounding why some diets work for some and not for others. So where does that leave us regular people? As they say, variety is the spice of life.

If you feel like you are following your diet to the letter and you’re not seeing results, don’t blame yourself. Look into other options. The NY Times piece has multiple diets that people have tried, and the right one for you may be listed. Or maybe not. The important thing is to not give up and assume there is nothing that can help you. If you have the will, there is likely a way.

Cardio High will be offering a team diet competition to clients. One team will follow a simple diet with minor modifications. The other team will follow a diet that changes every two weeks – following the theme of variety. We will report on the results of which team loses the greatest percentage of weight.

-Shane M.