Need Energy? Go Exercise

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Need Energy? Go Exercise

While there are plenty of benefits from exercise that make sense, this one is definitely a little more counterintuitive. If you want more energy, that thing you lose after you go on a long run, then you should go on a run.


A new study found some yawning to dead-tired people, and tested how they felt either by going about their usual tired day or undergoing “20-40 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic-type cycling or weight-lifting exercise.” And in a shocking 91% of cases, the exercise not only boosted a person’s energy but that extra energy boosted their mood as well. So while these people probably would rather chill on the couch after a long day at work, the exercise is actually what made them feel better and also helped them get a better night’s sleep.

Now, this study also tested fatigue, and it seems that fatigue was only decreased by people who did a low level of exercise. The researchers have no idea why. The study could have been flawed, or there may be something about the way people feel energy vs. how they feel fatigue or it just turns out that an exhausting workout may just be exhausting.

It seems odd to us to have a study that tries to understand “more energy” vs “less fatigue” — seems like testing the same thing. There are other studies that show high intensity exercise reduces stress and makes people feel relaxed EXCEPT for those who are truly under oodles of stress. For the TRUE stress puppy – a low intensity workout reduces stress more than the high intensity workout. And both workout styles are better than doing nothing.