This New Gym is the Studio 54 of Working Out

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This New Gym is the Studio 54 of Working Out

Performix House, a new gym in NYC, cracks us up. They claim they are only for “really driven people when it comes to fitness and taking accountability for their health.”

Joining Performix House has a price tag of $900 per month. But there’s more than the price tag that might keep people away — the gym also requires you to prove to them that you are not gonna slack on days or go half-assed job when you’re there. From this article:

“They want your Instagram handles so they can look you up and make sure you’re worthy,” Matt Mancino, a member, said, half joking. “Then they call and have a discussion with you about your fitness or life goals in general, and give you a verbal tour of the gym.”

The gym also seems to be pushing supplements and offers things like cryotherapy and sauna sessions. The vibe is more nightclub than boutique fitness facility. We’re not sure if they have a velvet rope and fitness bouncer outside – but we suspect they might be adding that soon.

Curious? There is a more “reasonably-priced” membership of $240 per month that includes fewer supplements etc. Oh. And you want training too? That’s an additional $150 per session. AND. You still need to be interviewed to be able to join.

We here at Cardio High are a bit less expensive, friendlier – and we do not require interviews or a scan of your social media accounts. Everyone is welcome because everyone deserves a chance to sweat.

-Shane M.