New Study: Coffee May Help You Live Longer

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New Study: Coffee May Help You Live Longer

Almost half a million Brits, mostly older, helped inform a study that says the more coffee you drink the healthier you’ll be.

In fact, if you drink eight or more cups, according to the study, you have a 14% lower risk of dying, especially from cancer or cardiovascular issues.

But, oddly enough, this does not seem to be linked to caffeine, according to this article:

The associations were similar for ground and instant coffee, and for caffeinated and decaffeinated. Moreover, it made no difference whether people had the genetic variants for slower or faster caffeine metabolism.

There is another wrinkle; a huge portion of the people in the study were coffee drinkers, so it may be a little hard to definitively say that it was just the coffee. Maybe they were all so jacked up on caffeine – they ran around more than those who don’t do caffeine. But even without caffeine, why coffee healthy? It could be its antioxidants, or nutrients like riboflavin and antioxidants.

But does it matter when all you want to do is enjoy your next cup? So congratulations… but try to keep the sugar to a minimum.

-Shane M.