New Study Shows That Lifestyle Trumps Genes

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New Study Shows That Lifestyle Trumps Genes

You can’t change your genetic makeup. But while many of us consider this fact a reason to give up and let nature take its course, a new meta-study shows that our actions speak louder than our genes.

Looking at a whopping 55,000 different people’s genetic makeup, researchers were able to check on four factors: smoking, exercise, weight and diet. Genetic factors can increase your risk for heart disease. But the research was meant to see what a healthy lifestyle can do.

And the results show some pretty clear results, according to this article:

The investigators found that genes can double the risk of heart disease, but a good lifestyle cuts it in half. Just as important, they found, a terrible lifestyle erases about half of the benefits of good genetics.

That means, of course, that if you have some rotten genes, that does not mean it is over for you. In fact, you can overcome them as long as you don’t smoke, exercise regularly, stay at a reasonable weight and eat a healthy diet.

And, on the other side, great genes are not enough to grant you a long healthspan. The same kind of lifestyle choices are important for everyone, even if you hit the genetic lotto.

-Shane M.