New York Times Calls 2014 “the Year of Exercise Snacks”

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New York Times Calls 2014 “the Year of Exercise Snacks”

This look back on 2014 in fitness by the NY Times announces what should already be loud and clear — high-intensity interval training is being confirmed over and over by research that it is the best way to get a workout in the least amount of time. They reference many studies we’ve written about, but here is a small list of the best short-duration workouts, or “exercise snacks” as they’re now being called by people hipper than us:

  • Alternating between one fast minute and one slow minute of walking for six minutes total, spaced through the day, was better than a 30 minute 1 minute workoutwalk for diabetics to keep blood sugar in check.
  • A workout consisting of three 20-second intervals where you bust your buns as hard as you can (just one single minute of exercise, but you really have to feel it) was shown to greatly improve cardiovascular health in overweight participants
  • Running five minutes a day was linked to a longer life by a span of a few years.

And some of the other fitness news from this year includes:

  • Exercise is a major tool in the fight against Alzheimer’s and age-induced memory loss.
  • Exercise also seems to work in counteracting certain bouts of depression better than some medication.
  • Sitting for too long can actually remodel your brain, or at the very least a rat’s brain.
  • Exercise makes us creative.
  • And see better.
  • And keeps our skin healthy.

We could keep going on, as the article does with links to all of these studies, but we’ll just let you check out how amazing exercise is according to the experts, along with a few potential issues (like how jogging can maybe make you gain weight).