No, President Trump, Our Bodies Don’t Have Finite Energy

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No, President Trump, Our Bodies Don’t Have Finite Energy

This is not a political blog, but we have to make sure that people are aware when President Trump puts out some misinformation about the impact of exercise.

There are reports that the President believes the body only has so much energy and that energy, like a battery, will become depleted if it’s consistently used. There are unproven theories developed in China and Japan that “the more you use it – the faster you lose it… or die” – some of these same “researchers” believe that you only have a set amount of heartbeats, so working out shortens your life by using up beats more quickly.

While we’re sure some of you may be questioning whether Trump actually believes this theory, that is what this article tells us. The article also goes on to explain why this is far from an accurate way to view physical activity:

Rather than thinking of energy stores as a battery, “a better analogy would be like the fire that you continue to fuel with more coal or wood,” Jonesco said. “You need to continue to add fuel, or your flame will die. This is true whether you exercise or not. . . . Simply by existing, we are burning energy.”

Of course, there are also dozens of studies, many of which we have posted here, that show energy increases for people who exercise, even people who are older, like Mr. Trump.

Like we said, this isn’t a slam against anyone’s political views or the President himself, but we do hope people know that the way to make your body great again is to exercise.

-Shane M.