NY Times Reports HIIT Helps Fight Disease

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NY Times Reports HIIT Helps Fight Disease

We have reported on past NY Times articles that point to High-Intensity Interval Training, but this new article shows HIIT is not just for those looking to lose weight. It can help those who suffer from chronic illness, such as diabetes or cancer and can help people recover from a stroke or battle Parkinson’s.

HIIT articleThe article looks at a variety of ways short, intense bouts of exercise mixed with breaks of moderate intensity can have huge benefits when done for only 20 minutes three times a week. This, of course, is far less than the amount of time many people feel they must get every week, but conversely they also think that this kind of exercise is just too hard for them, especially if they are older or are dealing with some of the ailments mentioned above. And the NY Times is saying that for the most part that is a bunch of rubbish.

Now yes, if you are considered high-risk by your doctor there should be some professional supervision, and if you’re worried at all you should make sure to speak with a healthcare professional, but for everyone else (which is most people and probably you) this is the kind of workout that will expand blood vessels, increase your oxygen uptake and keep your blood glucose exactly where you need it.

Again, we aren’t necessarily telling you anything you haven’t heard if you are already into doing HIIT. But we are excited to share an article shows that the research keeps building in support of intensity as a key to feeling great and living a healthy life.