The NY Times Says to Just Try High-Intensity Already

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The NY Times Says to Just Try High-Intensity Already

Listen, pretty much the whole point of this blog is to get you to try high intensity exercise. And if we haven’t convinced you yet, then maybe this NY Times article can finally do it.

We won’t regurgitate too much of it, since we say it all the time, but essentially here is a very respectable paper telling you to stop worrying about high intensity fitness and to give it a shot. Even if you are way out of shape.

And that’s because the author shared the same concerns you have until they just decided to take the plunge.

So how did they do it? They used a heart monitor and noted how much of a workout they were able to get by doing so little actual intense exercise. They said it was fun and interesting and it took a fraction of what we’ve come to expect for a workout. If you don’t exercise every day or it’s been a while since you took a jog, your heart rate will climb faster than someone who is in peak condition. A faster heart rate means your body will burn more calories, so some Cardio High clients joke that they need to go on vacation in order to come back and burn more calories. One of the main reasons we use heart rate monitors at Cardio High; It helps every client train at their own pace. Some may just need s speed walk while others may need an all out sprint.

The NYT article is one of the better high-intensity articles we’ve reviewed, and it hits a lot of the points we are constantly trying to make here.

But as we said, if we haven’t convinced you yet then maybe it’s time for someone else to try. So check out the article right here and see why this has become, for us, the only way to exercise. And when you’re finally convinced, schedule a session with us at Cardio High.

-Shane M.