Pick up the Pace of Your Workout Soundtrack

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Pick up the Pace of Your Workout Soundtrack

Before we tell you what the study said, let’s say that the researchers didn’t have a specific tempo listed for what is the optimal speed of the music you should listen to while you are working out. Instead, this was a study that tested working out with and without music.

The researchers used music that was played both “fast and loud,” according to this study so that means if you are listening to slow jams during your run, you may want to speed it up.

The researchers hired 25 men and 25 women and asked them to run on a treadmill both with and without music. And what they found was that music helped exercisers maintain a better pace. This should not be a shocker to any of our readers.

So, if you are doing your workouts without any soundtrack, give it a shot and see if it helps. Just make sure it’s fast and loud… just not too loud. We care about your ears. The sound in the workout room should not exceed 90 dBs. At Cardio High we tested our music volume, and we make sure that it does not exceed 85 dBs. There are certain spin studios that are known to “spin” their tunes well above 90 dBs… so we advise wearing earplugs for those types of workouts.

Here’s the Cardio High mix that blends up tempo Pop with Rock and other oddities. Good variety.

-Shane M.