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  • Rip and Whip: Battle Ropes - February 16, 2023

    An underrated workout addition to your HIIT workouts: battle ropes. These long, heavy ropes can hit on all parts of the body and are trainer approved to add to your exercise routines. We visited refrigerated gym in NYC called Brrrrn, and they relied heavily on battle ropes for their HIIT[…]

  • Flavonoids to the Rescue - February 12, 2023

    You need to be eating more flavonoids, according to a recent Danish study. Researchers looked at over 56,000 people for a whopping 23 years and here is what they found, according to this article: After controlling for smoking, hypertension, cholesterol and many other health and dietary factors, they found that[…]

  • Can Just 300 Calories May Make the Difference in Your Health - November 15, 2022

    Can you make a difference in your health by simply removing 300 calories per day from your diet? It’s harder than you think, but it could mean huge benefits. Scientists recruited 143 men and women, from 21-50, and asked them to cut their calories daily by 25 percent for two[…]

  • The Secret to Exercise? Consistency - October 30, 2022

    One of the things about exercise that we like to tell ourselves is that sooner or later we’ll get used to it. One day we’ll wake up and the idea of going to the gym will be second nature for us. And maybe one day it will. But if you[…]

  • Can We Learn From Primate Heart Studies? - October 18, 2022

    A new study looking at both primates and men may hold some very novel, and important, insights about how our hearts work. Humans share traits and genetic material with gorillas. Harvard researchers wanted to understand how our hearts differ from primates as humans are built for endurance. For years these[…]

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