How to Reverse the Impact of Too Much Sitting

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How to Reverse the Impact of Too Much Sitting

There has been much written about how the health problems that come from sitting cannot be reversed. Some health researchers cite studies that show excessive sitting can have similar effects as smoking. But new research shows it may be possible to reverse the impact of excessive couch/chair warming… but it’s not easy.

Scientists at the U. of Texas recruited 53 people between the ages of 45 and 64. All of them were sedentary for most of their lives – They would be in the column of people you wouldn’t expect to be able to bounce back. But here is what happened, according to this article:

Half were randomly assigned to an intensive exercise regimen for two years, while the other half did a program more focused on balance and flexibility that included yoga and balance training exercises three to four times a week. The intensive exercise program included a weekly hour-long exercise session (such as biking, brisk walking, tennis or dancing), a weekly high-intensity interval training workout, moderate intensity exercise two or three times a week and at least one strength training session weekly.

And what they found was that after that intense regimen for two years the people were able to reverse the physical issues they had developed from all of their sitting.

Now, that doesn’t mean you have to do this or you’re sunk — the researchers said that many people did not do all of these exercises at first and had to build up to them, which is understandable. This is also for people who had spent their lives inactive, which is not true for many of you reading this right now.

But despite the good news for those who reversed their issues, research shows that you get the most benefit from these exercises before you turn 65 — after that things become more difficult to turn around. But no matter how old you are, if you’re sticking kicking around – then you need to be exercising.

-Shane M.