The Secret of a Good Group Workout

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The Secret of a Good Group Workout

A lot of us want to work out. We really do. But one thing some of us don’t want is to workout with other people. We have our reasons.

But what if there was a way to actually do a group workout and enjoy it?

This article tries to convince us that group workouts can actually be pretty great and it’s because of something called the Kohler Effect. What is that, exactly? It means that we as people do not want to be the weakest link so we work harder. It’s essentially an innate sense of competition even if we’re not competitive. We just don’t want to be the person that everyone looks down on.

And this actually does work because if you are the person who is in the lower tier of the group then research shows you are actually more likely to have greater gains in your performance than those people standing at the top.

And this isn’t even something you know you’re doing — further research shows that this is just an instinctive thing that is buried inside us. The same feelings of not wanting to be lowest on the totem pole may feel rough, but our brains are wired to unconsciously strive to be better and not stay where we are.

Now, if you’re always dead last even after you make improvements, feel good that you’re probably #1 in getting the most out of the group experience. Use the group to help you push – but always remember to listen to your body and train in a safe zone for where you are at the time.

-Shane M.