Workouts For The Fall

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Workouts For The Fall

Summer is an awesome time to get outside of the gym and play sports, go for hikes, surf, paddleboard etc. While these activities are often more fun than holding a plank, they can lead to minor joint and muscle strains. We suggest using Fall as a way to get back into a routine of using fitness to repair the body. We recommend starting physical activity with a 10-minute dynamic warm-up featuring movements that mimic those of the workout or sport. Examples for Fall would include: bird dog, moving cat/cow, reverse lunges, slow squats and slow motion speed skaters. For workout programs, we aim for simple, functional movements, and as Fall progresses we suggest adding more complex strength movements. For clients training for specific winter sports like skiing or squash we program and recommend movements that help with those sports like wall sits for skiing or lateral walks with mini bands or dynamic lunges for squash.

Some Boston area fitness “experts” gave their advice in this Boston Common magazine article. Scroll down…