Is High Protein Beer The Next Big Thing?

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Is High Protein Beer The Next Big Thing?

Many of us are going to find excuses to drink after a workout. But is there a way to actually make post exercise beer do some good for your body? A few companies are trying, with mixed results.

Protein-rich beers are now on the market, claiming that they will help you recover and help repair sore muscle… while also giving you a buzz. While there is no doubt that these beers do have the kind of protein that most health experts recommend after a trip to the gym, there are still a few problems associated with, well, drinking after working out.

As this article notes, the main problems are more or less what you would expect: beer is calorie-heavy, probably has extra sugar, and you may drink too many even if the sugar is low. And drinking a bunch usually leads to eating lower inhibitions around food – so you may end up taking in way more calories than you just burned.

What it really comes down to is this: if you want to be “healthier” when chugging brews after your workout, then these protein-heavy suds are definitely better options. But we tend to opt for chocolate milk, yogurt or nuts to help repair muscle.