Is Yoga Exercise? New Study Says Not Really

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Is Yoga Exercise? New Study Says Not Really

We need to start this piece out by saying that we don’t want you to stop going to your yoga class. Many great things can come from doing a downward facing dog. But, if you are choosing yoga over hitting the gym, thinking that you’re getting a good dose of exercise, a new study is not going to make you happy.

Researchers did a meta-study, looking at 17 separate tests of yoga and its health benefits. They looked at the energy expended and how intense yoga can be. And they found that, according to this article, Hatha yoga was given “the kind of ‘light activity’ rating which is often given to things like cooking, unloading the groceries, doing the laundry or even just standing.”

One bright spot of news — Vinyasa and Hot Yoga, which supposedly are more intense forms of the practice, were not tested so they may be a little closer to actual exercise.

But, as we said at the beginning, yoga can do a lot of good for your mental and emotional states. Namaste.

- Shane M.