Do You Spend More Time on the Toilet Than Exercising?

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Do You Spend More Time on the Toilet Than Exercising?

There are some statistics that look pretty grim when it comes to how much Americans exercise. But a new study is aimed at our friends in the UK, and it’s also a little more embarrassing than even what we’re capable of.

This was a poll of 2,000 people by a non-profit, trying to see how much exercise they are getting, and while this article doesn’t discuss how much toilet time the Brits are clocking per week, it is more than the dismal time they are putting into getting a workout:

In fact, more than a quarter (26%) of people exercise for 30 minutes or less each week, the survey showed…almost two-thirds (64%) of Britons sit down for at least six hours a day…only 12% of people know how much exercise is needed for good health.

These are pretty shocking numbers, and we wish we could be assured that Americans would be better than this… but we fear it may be even worse.

So if you’re reading this in the john, use that time to plan how to get that 150 minutes of exercise you need every week.

-Shane M.