Sitting too Much? Try Fidgeting More

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Sitting too Much? Try Fidgeting More

Are you one of those people with a nervous knee? Or do you have other ways in which you fidget while you’re sitting around?

Well, that may actually make you healthier, according to this article.

It’s called dynamic sitting, and it actually does burn calories and improve fitness. Not a whole lot, but it still works:

In a 2017 study, researchers found that if office workers used a specialized under-desk, bicycle-like device — which allowed them to remain seated while lightly pedaling — they burned about 20 percent more calories over the course of a workday than if they only sat.

There was also another study where a group of people moved one leg while keeping the other flat for a few hours; at the end there was significantly more blood flow in the jiggling appendage than the one that was sedentary.

So while your coworkers at the morning meeting may beg you to please sit still, tell them they should follow your lead and help shake the table.

-Shane M