Study Delivers Another Blow to Diet Soda

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Study Delivers Another Blow to Diet Soda

We know, we know. You have heard enough about how Diet Coke isn’t as safe as you once believed. There is no need to hear anymore about it.

Well, sorry but researchers have poked yet another hole in the diet soda defense.

And this wasn’t a rinky dink study either. It was a collection of multiple studies — over 400,000 people were followed for about a decade. And here is what they found, according to this article:

 …drinking one drink with artificial sugar a day can lead to a higher risk of weight gain, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Now, the researchers left out one key piece of the puzzle. They don’t know why diet soda drinking is bad for your health. Some believe that diet soda drinkers could be doing other things that lead to negative health outcomes. Maybe diet soda drinking has a high correlation with eating an extra large helping of french fries as a reward for going diet soda. But that’s just a guess.

But what is most important is that research is tilting more and more against diet soda being a healthy alternative to regular soda or fruit juice. That doesn’t mean you have to dump all of it right now, but you also should probably consider that sipping on it daily may not be as guilt-free as you once assumed.

-Shane M.