Study: Eating Better Leads to Sleeping Better

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Study: Eating Better Leads to Sleeping Better

“Eating higher amounts of saturated fats and sugars is associated with lighter sleep that’s more prone to being disrupted and generally less restorative.”

That’s from this article, about a new study which looks at how our diets affect our sleep. And, at least according to these researchers, there is clearly a relationship.

26 adults, evenly split between men and women, were studied for five nights, seeing how they slept and inspecting the links to their diets. And the results? The healthy diet people slept better than the sugar/fat eaters.

“The study also found that participants fell asleep faster after eating fixed meals provided by a nutritionist, which were lower in saturated fat and higher in protein than self-selected meals. It took participants an average of 29 minutes to fall asleep after consuming foods and beverages of their choice, but only 17 minutes to fall asleep after eating controlled meals.”

This is just more evidence that if you are waking up tired every morning and wishing there was a way to count a few more sheep every night, start looking in your fridge… just not for a midnight snack.