Study: High Intensity Erases Diabetes Risk

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Study: High Intensity Erases Diabetes Risk

A new study that spanned 20 years has shown a significant correlation between large amounts of high-intensity cardio exercise and low amounts of Type 2 Diabetes.

Researchers at the University of Minnesota gathered together 4,000 men and women back in the mid-80s. They were all tested for their cardiac fitness, then tested again seven years later, and then one more times 20 years later. They were also tested for their risk of diabetes.

What the researchers found may not surprise you — those with the highest cardiac fitness were those with the smallest risks of diabetes. But the researchers then went further, and looked at a different study that determined what kind of exercise leads to the proper fitness levels.

And they found that those who hit about 30 minutes of “vigorous physical activity” five days a week pretty much had their diabetes risk hovering around zero.

But, and this is what we like to see, this article also reference what high-intensity workouts can do for those who are already suffering from the disease:

Not only did the high-intensity workout improve the cholesterol levels, blood sugar, and weight of Type 2 diabetes patients, it also improved their cardiovascular health, according to stress tests. Short bursts of exercise improve heart health by changing its structure and function, especially in the left ventricle which is essential to blood flow.

So if you are trying to avoid diabetes altogether, a cardio-rich workout every week may be your best bet. And if you are trying to fight your disease, high-intensity may be the quickest path to success.

-Shane M.