Study Says Even Light Drinking Can be Unhealthy

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Study Says Even Light Drinking Can be Unhealthy

Sorry everyone, but your reliance on the belief that a little drinking is okay is slowly swirling down the drain.

Another study is out smashing the once-medically-supported belief that you could have a couple drinks every night and suffer no ill effects. This study looked at hundreds of thousands of people and tracked how much they drank and what effects it had. Those who drank lightly more than three times a week, “had a roughly 20% higher risk of dying during the study period than those who drank three or fewer times per week, the study found,” according to this article.

Now, it’s true that the study also found that those who had a couple drinks three times a week were actually the healthiest people, even more than those who didn’t drink at all. But people from the booze-loving community are viewing the study in a negative light. And worse news; another study recently showed zero drinking was the healthiest lifestyle.

So does that mean your two beers every night needs to end right now? No. But if you are looking for ways to get healthier (there are many ways to do that) cutting back to 1-2 nights each week when you have a glass of wine or drink is a simple way to go.

-Shane M.