Summer Travel? Try Cardio High To Go v. 2.0

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Summer Travel? Try Cardio High To Go v. 2.0

Cardio High To Go 2.0

It’s Memorial Day Weekend, and we can smell summer in the air. If you travel this summer, you can try this Cardio High workout in an area as small as a hotel room. Unlike the previous Cardio High To Go 1.0 – this workout requires no gear, so it can be done any place. If you can do it near a set of stairs, you can add stairs to help the cardio portion. The entire workout can be done in 30 minutes.

Please make sure you warm up before you start the intervals. If you feel any joint or muscle pain, STOP the movement that causes the pain – and remove it from your sequence. Add your favorite cool down stretches at the end.

Warm-up (6 minutes)

Moving cat + dog (or cat/cow for Yoga purists)

Moving bird dog

Marching (heel taps)

Bicycle legs

Banana crunches


Slow speed skaters

Gentle squats

Back lunge

Slow high knees

Heel raises

Supported cardio; Lean on bed or chair and do; pendulums, foot jacks, jumping pushups

Intervals: 30 seconds on/15 seconds off (or use count in parens)

1. Plank Knee to Elbow (25 each side)

2. Back Lunge + Front Kick ( 10 on left)

3. Back Lunge + Front Kick (10 on right)

4. Push ups (15)

These 4 exercises will take 3 minutes. Add 1 set of stairs or do pendulum hops before next set.

5. Banana crunches (30)

6. Lateral skips (14, 7 each direction)

7. Lateral Bear Crawl (20 breathes)

8. Squat Hops (15 bunny hops with knee bend, leave ground by only 1″)

Add 1 set of stairs or do pendulum hops before next set. Go through all 8 exercises three times. Total time with warm up should be 30 minutes + cool down.

Substitution exercises if you can’t perform one of the above;

Wall sit

High knee marching

Single leg deadlift