Better Posture Leads to a Better Mood

Your mother may have been more right than you know. Better posture leads to a happier mood. Some new studies have found evidence that slouching may be problematic, not just in how you look — but also how you feel. Many of us are stuck hunched over at a desk[…]


Sitting too Much? Try Fidgeting More

Are you one of those people with a nervous knee? Or do you have other ways in which you fidget while you’re sitting around? Well, that may actually make you healthier, according to this article. It’s called dynamic sitting, and it actually does burn calories and improve fitness. Not a[…]

Cardio High Newton Gym High Intensity Interval Training

Newton Running Trail HIIT: Auburndale Cove

The weather in Newton is finally perfect for enjoying outdoor activities. You may already be going for a walk, bike or run, but we suggest trying an interval training workout at one of Newton’s beautiful parks. If you intersperse mini-exercise intervals into a jog, you will break up the repetitive motion[…]