Can We Learn From Primate Heart Studies?

A new study looking at both primates and men may hold some very novel, and important, insights about how our hearts work. Humans share traits and genetic material with gorillas. Harvard researchers wanted to understand how our hearts differ from primates as humans are built for endurance. For years these[…]


How Healthy is Your City?

When it comes to exercise, Boulder in Colorado is where you can expect to see the most people getting exercise in the country, according to this new study released by Gallup and Sharecare. We won’t get into the nitty gritty of how this was all hashed out, but regardless it[…]

Cardio High Newton Gym High Intensity Interval Training

Newton Running Trail HIIT: Auburndale Cove

The weather in Newton is finally perfect for enjoying outdoor activities. You may already be going for a walk, bike or run, but we suggest trying an interval training workout at one of Newton’s beautiful parks. If you intersperse mini-exercise intervals into a jog, you will break up the repetitive motion[…]