The Five Best Subreddits for Getting Fit

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The Five Best Subreddits for Getting Fit

Despite all of the news it seems to generate, you may not know a lot about Reddit. And even if you do, the site is so large and sprawling that you may not know how helpful it can be in helping you reach fitness goals. Here are five Subreddits (smaller reddit communities based around a specific topic) that you may want to browse while you focus on getting to the next level.

Progress PicsSubreddit
We may know that we’re getting healthier, but sometimes we’re not seeing it in the mirror as quickly as we want. Progress Pics is very straightforward — people showing what they looked like before they began working out and what they look like after. It clearly shows that every person loses weight differently. Some of the people probably did not need to lose much weight – but others dropped 60, 80, 100 pounds – and they clearly look much healthier.

Considered one of the most positive places on all of Reddit, this community provides advice and motivation for people trying to lose “2 pounds or 200.” If you need a place to feel unashamed and inspired, this is it.

This is your basic Subreddit just to chat with like-minded people or ask a question about your regimen and get some very educated opinions. Though the community, over 3 million, includes some trolls or know-it-alls who in fact know little, but when you sift through there is a lot of valuable discussion.

This is a much smaller Subreddit if you’re just looking to focus on your diet. You may be able to get your answers from fitness, but just in case you’re not finding what you need, this is the place to visit.

Get Disciplined
Even with best intentions, it’s not always easy to lay out a plan and stick with it. This Subreddit will not only help keep you on track with fitness, but it can work for anything else you need help focusing on.


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