The Holes in the Bulletproof Diet

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The Holes in the Bulletproof Diet

Hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of “biohacking” went into the most controversial diet in recent memory, the Bulletproof Diet. The increasing popularity of the Bulletproof Diet has attracted the attention of doctors and scientists who offer their opinions on whether the diet works – or is healthy. Well, shocker. The experts are far from impressed, and some are even pretty concerned.

First off, we have to talk about the coffee because this is what stops most people from going any further. It contains butter. Oh yeah, your java in the morning is over 400 calories because it has literally melted grass-fed butter in it. But that is just one of the calorie-rich, fat-heavy rules the Bulletproof Diet follows. Red meat is a big part of the diet while pushing for cutting out legumes and grains, which of course flies in the face of what nearly every nutritionist would recommend.

Not to say everything is crazy, but here are a few of the rules:

  1. Eliminate all sugar
  2. Eliminate all gluten
  3. No artificial colors or flavors
  4. No pasteurized dairy
  5. No more than two servings of fruit a day
  6. A ton of grass-fed meat

Some of the unconventional methods in the diet may reap some benefits for people who follow them (the butter may increase metabolism despite the added 400 calories and triglyceride oil may also be helpful). But for the most part it seems like you’re drinking a hot cup of snake oil.

So despite the incredible, unbelievable, superhuman advantages inside the Bulletproof Diet book, if you got it for Christmas, we want to ask the gifter if they saved the receipt.