The Ideal At-Home Workout Space?

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The Ideal At-Home Workout Space?

Cardio High is busy creating daily livestream sessions for working out at home, but some people may hesitate to join because they lack space and don’t have a dedicated workout space. But our workouts don’t require a space much larger than a yoga mat.

So what are the keys to setting up a good workout space at home?

  1. It’s best to be on a lower level of your home or condo. As you probably know, we don’t do much jumping around but moves like our lateral skips could shake the house a bit.

2. The Cardio High livestream workouts incorporate minimal gear. We ask clients to have a pair of hand weights or weighted household objects like sealed bottles of laundry detergent. (Please make sure they won’t spill.)

3. We also suggest bringing a chair with a waist-high back for leaning on when doing butt kicks (lower impact, quieter).

4. Sliders are optional. Some clients use paper plates (carpet) or rags (floor).

5. It’s best to have a closet nearby or maybe a container to hold the gear, so you can put it away after the workout.

6. If you are going to follow livestream sessions, you will need a table to place your laptop or iPad, or know how to broadcast the stream on your television. Shouldn’t be too tough for a lot of modern devices

This article from the NYT goes into some detail about setting up home gyms in confined space in case you are looking for a few more tips.

If you have questions about gear or setting up your space, send us a note to

-Mark G.