Does Alcohol Enhance The Workout Experience?

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Does Alcohol Enhance The Workout Experience?

We have discussed the potential pros and cons of using marijuana before a workout, and it seems that according to multiple people there is no definitive answer as to whether or not it’s a good idea.

We know clients and friends who like sports (platform tennis, golf) that are often played with beer as the sports drink of choice during and after competition.

But according to this article, when it comes to drinking before a workout, that is definitely not the best idea.

Time Magazine has broken down a few of the problems with guzzling some brews before you hit the gym, including a study that showed a multiple drinks harms the ability to both increase muscles and repair them, when you drink after a workout. Yes, this is about drinking beforehand, but no one seems to think that getting plastered pre-gym is going to be any better.

There is also other evidence that your body would burn fewer calories and wouldn’t be able to use the very precious glucose you need to get your muscles working.

That is not to mention the obvious — you’re more clumsy and a lot less likely to workout safely and correctly. And, if you’re anything like us, getting a little blotto doesn’t exactly make us want to push ourselves to do our best and instead we want to just eat some pretzels and maybe have another drink.

All in the all, the article seems to think that a drink or two may not do too much if you aren’t a lightweight. So if you feel pretty sober, then you can probably burn off a beer or two at the gym.

But working out after drinking is the same as driving while drinking — no matter what someone says, they are not better at it after they’ve had a few.

– Shane M.