The Secret to Exercise? Consistency

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The Secret to Exercise? Consistency

One of the things about exercise that we like to tell ourselves is that sooner or later we’ll get used to it. One day we’ll wake up and the idea of going to the gym will be second nature for us. And maybe one day it will. But if you are struggling to workout today, finally feeling motivated may not happen for a long while.

At least, that is what a new study is telling us.

Canadian researchers corralled nearly 300 middle-aged adults who didn’t exercise and tried to get them to exercise three times a week for a year. It didn’t go well, according to this article:

…more than 60 per cent of the study’s participants dropped out before the study concluded. Also discouraging was that even among those who stuck it out until the end, most reported they stopped working out soon after the study wrapped up.

Many of the subjects said that their results weren’t good enough to keep them motivated to continue. And others just couldn’t find a way to fit it into their schedule every week with family and work and fun things, always popping up.

So how do you fix lack of exercise consistency? We have two solutions to offer; One solution could be to find workout buddy, but not your partner or your best bud. Instead, find someone who is looking for motivation over friendship and maybe you can make your gym membership worthwhile. Another solution is to find ways of exercising you find enjoyable. Don’t just slog it out on a piece of cardio gear every day. Go for walks outside, play some pickleball, attend a yoga class – or maybe a Cardio High class.

-Shane M.