Thinking About Getting a Treadmill?

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Thinking About Getting a Treadmill?

Cardio High clients know that we are biased when it comes to treadmills. We like the manual treadmills in the shape of a curve, and our preferred brand is Woodway.

But the Woodway Curve is an expensive treadmill that costs around $7,000+ when you factor in shipping. We prefer the manual treads because they allow for a more natural running style, and they are fantastic for interval training because you can quickly jump on and off without having to hit buttons and wait for speed and incline.

If you opt for an electric tread, we recommend always using it with an incline of at least 3%. And we do sometimes use an electric tread jacked up to 6-12% to practice running hills.

Cardio High receives dozens of requests to post content on our blog from other content providers, and we always decline because we carefully filter what we present to our readers.

However, we recently received a guide to buying treadmills that we thought had useful information on what to consider before making a purchase. This piece of content by Consumers Advocate has recommendations for specific treadmills, but note that they receive compensation for their content. Feel free to skim their specific recs. But we highly recommend their entire section called Helpful Information About Treadmills in which they cover:

History of the treadmill

Why not just run outdoors

Manual vs Electric

Features like multi media consoles, incline, speed, foldability and training programs.

They also provide a nice FAQ section. Enjoy.

-Mark G.