This is Your Brain on Brussel Sprouts

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This is Your Brain on Brussel Sprouts

A new study of the brains of 28,000 people is great news for people on robust, healthy diets such as the Mediterranean, or anything that focuses on fruits, vegetables, lean meats and nuts instead of pizza rolls.

All of the subjects were 55 or older, and were tracked for five years to see how their cognitive abilities held up as they aged. And the results? There was a 14% decline in cognitive function for the healthiest dieters and an 18% decline for the worst dieters. So maybe chips and doughnuts are not so bad, right?

Wrong. When you factor in the number of people and other statistical mumbo-jumbo, it shows that a poor diet brainincreases your chances of permanent brain drain by about 24%. Since 60 is the new 40 as far as our culture is concerned, we want to hang onto our marbles well beyond 55 years. If you start losing your mind then, you’ll be even more susceptible to enormous losses as you start climbing into your 70s and 80s.

And unlike those “brain foods” you always hear about, this is an overall diet issue. You can’t munch on a little salmon and blueberries and expect to keep your wits intact when everything else on your plate is a greasy horror show.

There have been other studies that have shown diet and exercise can actually combat cognitive diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. So – do some HIITs and follow a healthy diet – and maybe you’ll remember where you placed the car keys.