To Prevent Falls in Old Age, Go Jump in a Lake

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To Prevent Falls in Old Age, Go Jump in a Lake

Masters-Swimming-300x166A new study on preventing elderly falls, which affects one in three people every year over 65, found that to better keep your balance on land, you need to, ironically, head into the sea. Or at least your backyard pool.

A study of 1,600 men, with an average age of 76, was conducted for over six years with each subject’s falls and activities recorded. There were those who walked, golfed, used treadmills, stationary bikes and other forms of physical activity, and researchers found that some activity is better than no activity. But swimming was the one activity that stood above the others as having the best correlation with no falls. There was a decline of 33% when it came to the risk swimmers faced compared to everyone else, and they also showed a better sense of balance while standing still.

One researcher says that the coordinated movements of both legs and arms during swimming are what make falls less likely when they hit land again – as well as stronger core muscles.

Either way, unless you have severe hydrophobia, you may want to dust off that old bathing suit and take a trip to the lake. Though maybe wait until it’s a little warmer.