Try This Exercise Before Running

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Try This Exercise Before Running

We are fans of running around here, but we know the host of issues that can make the activity a rather unpleasant experience. And one of those is lower back pain.

Our lower backs just do not do well with repetitive running. Back pain is one of the main reasons people slow down or stop their attempts to run a marathon or continue their jogging regimen. But new research shows that there could be an exercise to prevent that strain.

It has to do with deep core muscles, which are along the spine. They also play a role in making a nice six pack. And when these muscles are not strong (and they aren’t for most people), then other muscles in your lower back take up too much work and you wind up with a sore back.

So if you want a better run, stretching is out and planking is in. At Cardio High we do a variety of planks. When we hold a low plank we like to advise clients to gently pull the firearms toward the toes creating a tension in the core muscles. For people with low back issues it’s key to make sure the hips remain high and in line with the spine. We also employ a stability ball rollout and “stirring the pot” with the forearms while resting on the ball. Two of our most common exercises; mountain climbers on sliders and high plank with knee to elbow also strengthen these core muscles. And. For those who prefer to work their core muscles while lying on the back – banana crunches are the way to go.

Just make sure that you don’t use planking as the new excuse to skip out on your daily jog.

-Shane M.